One + One = 1402

This may be the first ever private paparazzi shot of Husqvarna 1402 😉 At least haven’t seen any two privately owned 701 Enduro’s in the same shot before, so we of course did it with my riding buddy.


A bunch of us went riding last weekend, through some nice wintery backroads, some of them uncared for – so it was a nice workout plowing through ankle deep new snow roads. Destination local amateur enduro race where our friend was partaking with a two-stroker. We parked an ad-hoc 701 show near the start line and basked in the sunlight, as did these fine bikes.

It was a first proper outing with my 701 and after about 150km of winter riding I am well pleased. The motor and fuel map are really good, soft at the bottom without any on-off jerking around, near impossible to make the bike stumble – a really well sorted out fueling. Suspension seems overall good, I have no complaints so far at all, but snow makes roads kinda soft and easy for the suspension, so I’m not going to praise it more before hitting some real rugged roads and trails.

All in all, a nice step upwards and onwards from KTM690 (because we all tend to compare this to it, all the time) 🙂