BMW R80GS Finnduro is on the road

Monday the 1st of August was finally the day my rebuilt BMW R80GS “Finnduro” aka Basic replica of sorts got on the road for the first proper outing. What a soothing experience it is to ride with an airhead boxer humming and growling beneath you! The first ride theme was set already moths ago: ride and find 13712794_1250562151623715_1946899118_nwild flowers to bring on to my sister’s grave. Forever in my heart, sis.

Russian adventure 2016

I spent five days riding in the North-West region of Russian Karelia with likeminded adveture riders, scouting some historic WW2 sites along the then famous Rukajärventie service road.

Husky 701 Enduro was a perfect companion, with added 5 litres of fuel in a rear bag, with really good 2 x 15 litres enduro rear side bags from  and a small tank bag & rucksack with water bladder and rain covers.



Rack back

Husky 701 got a new rear rack installed. The beautiful workmanship and attention to details are second to none with Perun Moto’s rear rack. Recommended for all 701 riders!


Badged Motoren Werke








Badged and taped. Fresh out of garage, aallmmoosstt there with the Replica project, now with Basiquesque meet Finnduro decals with Basic/Kalahari font themes mixed. It’s going to be a fine motorcycle, if I don’t mind me saying myself!

New legs

Boxer got some new legs installed. They’re Marzocchi USD45 out of a Husqvarna TE, fitted and shortened stroke, with the Husky front wheel and triples, too. It’s only missing top outer steering bearing race still, but otherwise it’s starting to get close to test ride. Hmm, probably need the front brake lever and fluids as well!


Car Bon

Carbon, car-bon, rrrrr. I’m spoiled with a little nice shiny bit of carbon on my Husky 701 Enduro. Wings heat shield fits in very nicely with the Wings exhaust, in matching carbon bits. Light, protective, noice!

2016_0415_17452900-01 2016_0415_17501000-01

X70 hits the spot



I got the new Fujifilm X70 a few days ago, and have been shooting with it constantly. It’s like the 3/4 squeezed down X100S, with 28mm (film) fixed lens, and tilting backscreen instead of OVF/EVF, but still getting the same sensor and processor (and image quality) as with X100S. I was worried I’d sorely miss the electronic viewfinder (EVF) from X100S, but in all honesty, I have enjoyed the benefits of 28mm focal lenght and smaller size so much that the lack of  EVF has not come into being an irritation at all. In fact, the tilting screen has been a big plus for angled shots on waistline. Also, the 28mm f2.8 lens has proven to be of outstanding quality, right from the full f2.8.  The X70 has hit the spot in my heart, and I wonder what’s going to happen with my X100S now. I guess more of my typical shots benefit from 28mm focal lenght, so that’s the biggest single plus for me, and retaining that  b e a u t i f u l  X-series filmlike image tone, quality and emotion.


More here from Fuji: